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Jam-Packed Holiday!

November 23, 2007

This December, there are 3 major occasions that I am excited about. First, Josh   and I are celebrating our 1st anniversary as husband and wife, second, of course there’s Christmas and lastly New Year.   

hk disney

I am excited yet I am dreading the whole hoopla because in every occasion we have a corresponding trip planned! My family has planned a trip to HK the weekend after our anniversary. Then we would go and spend the Christmas with Josh’s parents in Siquijor and New Year with my dad’s family in Tacloban. 

That’s all fun and easy when you only have yourself to take care of, but imagine bringing a 16-month old baby boy? Not so fun and easy now huh!?  

I’ve traveled with Oz 2 times already but always by boat.  He has never ridden a plane.  I was wondering how much taking off and the landing would bother him.  I was looking for tips online and I have learned a whole lot! Try reading some here and here. 

I will definitely bring lots of new toys, markers, inexpensive things that will keep Ozzy occupied.  Also, never forget extra clothes (in case of poop accidents and vomit) and a medicine kit. The good thing about this plane ride is it is at night therefore, Ozzy should be asleep and that it is only a 4 hour flight. Phew. Imagine if it’s an 18-hour flight with stop overs? Good Luck!


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