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Mondays, Sex & Coffee

November 26, 2007

I’ve always hated Mondays. This Monday is the worst. There are too many things to do. Emergency loan of an employee…lost documents…quotations to finish…payables…and more payables…A lot is in my mind and to top it off, it’s too darn hot.  


Over the weekend I’ve finished watching Sex and the City Season 1-7! I’ve watched it way back in HBO but I’ve forgotten how nice the series really was, you know minus the sex and nude scenes…there’s sense to it, especially if you’re this girl looking for love.

Anyway, I love how sweet Samantha’s character has become when she finally gave in and fell in love with Smith’s character! Not to mention Smith is soooo hot! Ahaha. That’s why I am so excited to see the Sex and the City movie coming this May 2008.

I want to know how things will end for Carrie&Big…Sam&Smith..Charlotte&Harry and of course, Miranda, Steve and their little Brady. There are teasers here and there and it seems like Carrie is finally getting married? I don’t like the dress though. Spoilers here,here.&.here

We went to Starbucks, Saturday and Sunday! 7 more stickers to go…Planner here I come! Teehee. By the way..I really recommend you try their Christmas blends…Toffee Nut Frap is sooo heavenly.


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