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Keeping love alive T_T

November 28, 2007

In a few days we will be celebrating our 1st year anniversary. I just want to celebrate it with a simple dinner maybe. I dunno yet. I still don’t have a gift!!

You wanna know a secret? Marriage is a LOT of work, “I’m telling you gerrrlll”(ala jr!). One is constantly adjusting to each others behavior. Add to the chaos a baby and *poof* constant pressure. I must say I am handling everything well. I allow Josh to go out with friends as long as he goes home early (nope, not early morning!). Also, Josh is never strict with me regarding going out with friends..So we’re cool there.

Although we don’t go out anymore like we used to, we just watch video’s at home or order in. I think it’s time to spice things up, don’t you think?

If you wanna know how to keep love alive through the years, click here for tips from A-Z!

Hah! We’ll see.


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