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Yova our Diva

November 29, 2007

He was a shy, timid and bandana wearing boy who was a friend of a friend. We’d exchanged hi’s and hello’s during our first year in the university. He was an Industrial Engineering student as well. I mentally took notice of him because of his good looks. 

Fast-forward 7 years later, he is still good looking, but now the right thing to say is he’s fabulous looking. Better than me I should say! He has killer legs and equally killer looks. To top it all off the Diva can sing.  

Kenneth, a.k.a YOVA, Happy birthday my dear. We’ve grown closer through the years and I feel blessed to have known a kind-hearted person such as you. You have trusted to me some of your most valued secrets and aspirations. You were there the time I needed you most. You sang for me on my special day. You were with me when my little baby was born. You took time to visit me when I can no longer go out as much. You are someone I can easily have fun with. Hang out with and share secrets with.  

You may not know it, but you & the guys (you know who you are) keep me sane in this crazy world. I may not say it often, I may not say it enough, I love you so much. Happy, happy 20++ birthday!

yova and meyovayova and me2

I look forward to much more craziness with you and the screwed crew.   


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