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10 Things I am thankful for

December 17, 2007

I got this from my friend Mitch, I’m exited to answer this tag because this year there are many things to be thankful for.

10 things I am thankful for:

  1. My husband, Josh. For working as hard as you do to provide for me and Joshua. For the amount of love that you have for us. Sacrificing getting allergic rhinitis every morning because we insist that the fan/aircon should be turned on even if its cold.
  2. Joshua, for making us smile with your cute charm and antics. For completing our little family. For the love that you give us every single day. For the patience that you have taught me and your daddy.
  3. For my dad and mom for the continued support and understanding that you have given me and Josh. For agreeing for us to stay here in your house until we get our own place.
  4. Good health and safety for all the people I love and close to me. Everyday we hear of accidents, death, cancer and calamities! I am just so thankful that *so far* none of those things have affected our family in any way.
  5. Technology like internet, internet banking, mobile phones, pc’s, cable television, wireless connection & even bluetooth.  They have made my life more convenient! Imagine all the time and money I have saved by not going to the bank? Withdrawing money, transferring money, paying for my bills and insurance online its a breeze.
  6. Ozzy’s yaya, we have this love-hate relationship but I am still thankful for her. I love the way she really cares for Ozzy like her own, but I hate that sometimes she can be very pushy and how do you say mag-buot2x? ahahaha.
  7. The job that I have. I am very lucky for I am working for my father. I enjoy the convenience of working at home with a reasonable amount of salary. I can check up on Ozzy anytime. Aside from all the other perks of working at home i.e. no transpo cost, meal cost, outfit/uniform cost etc.
  8. For my friends, to my high school friends, we have been together for 10 years now and I am thankful that even though some are far away, we still keep in touch (again, thank you internet and YM). To my college friends, better known as the Screwed Crew, you are the craziest bunch of people I have encountered and I never would have thought we’d clique. Thank you so much for the laughter that you have brought to my life, I will never exchange you for all the money in the world.
  9. PMN ~ Pinoy Moms Network, I may not be a member but I am a fan and a regular visitor. I always visit that site to learn something new about parenting. Also, I have gained friends online because of it. Especially to Mitch who inspired me to start my own blog. 
  10. There are more things to be thankful for, but I want to end this by Thanking God. He has made all of these blessings I have mentioned possible.  

I am tagging JennyR, Merydith and Diane!


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  1. rlnz permalink
    December 17, 2007 3:49 pm

    you should be thankful of what you recieve

  2. December 17, 2007 3:55 pm

    hi rlnz, yes i am very thankful. thanks for visiting my blog.

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