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Off to Siquijor for Christmas

December 20, 2007

Gawd, I hate packing for myself. I always over-pack because I want to be prepared. You know in case we have to extend our stay or in-case I spill juice all over my ‘friday’ outfit etc.etc. For whatever reason, I always find myself over-packing.

So anyway, imagine packing for 2? Me, the over-packer has to pack for the baby as well. Diapers, wipes, bib, socks, milk, shirt, extra shirt ~ the works! How the heck will I fit everything in one luggage? We are only bringing one big luggage and one smaller bag to hand-carry. It’s easier this way since I can’t help Daddy J with the luggage since I am in-charge of Baby J also known as Ozzy! I am going crazy. I need help.<OA> hehehe.

Destination? The Mystic Island of Siquijor. It’s Daddy J’s hometown. Its where he got his lumay for me! kidding..nyahaha! My header imagine is actually taken from their beach house there. 

This was the actual photo taken when we first visited their place, May 2007.


Nice noh? That was taken by my SIL. My fave family photo so far.


Ozzy and mommy time…!! So Sweet. Coming up is our “pang-commercial” with doggie pic. Hahaha!





This was actually taken in Dumaguete while waiting for our boat to Siquijor.

Lastly, the baby and the dog. His name is Kuvo. Baby Ozzy & his dog Kuvo.


These were taken 7 months ago, back then Ozzy could not walk nor stand on his own. Now he’s pretty much inept in the walking/running department! I hope he enjoys Siquijor. After all, were going to the beach! I hope the weather agrees with us!

Happy Holidays everyone.


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