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Ozzy Updates 3- on babbling,tantrums&scolding

January 4, 2008

Over the holidays, baby Ozzy has improved a LOT in the ‘talking’ department! He can now say mommy when he calls for me, yaya, pappy or dada for his daddy & dadang his way of saying manang for the other house-help.

Other than this, I noticed he babbles a lot. It’s as if he’s talking to us, feel pa gyud kau sabtan sha! I laugh every time I hear him babble. I know in a few weeks, or months he may be able to say a few more na! We’re so excited

Anyway, with his increasing mobility and verbal abilities he is also starting to assert his independence. You can actually see that he understands simple instructions like no, come here, please throw, bless, kiss mommy etc2x but sometimes he just refuses to listen. Especially to the word no. He would touch electrical sockets but before he does, he looks at me or his daddy…then when we say no, come here, he does it anyway..then runs away!

Because of this, many times he gets scolded or reprimanded. With scolding come his tantrums. He would cry ~easily, and would sometimes lie on the floor crying out loud, he knows we would eventually pick him up. He would also bang his head on the wall, bite himself or hurt himself. I don’t know if this is normal or my son’s a masochist!

Many times I want to spank his naughty butt for sheer frustration over the situation but I always stop myself from doing so. I always tell myself that he’s just too young to understand. Other times though Ozzy just gets his way for being cute. I’m afraid I’m spoiling him! 

One time I was breasfeeding him when he suddenly bit me! I glared at him and he quickly shut his eyes (patulog-tulog pa ang drama!). I waited for him to open his eyes which took a long time, then when he finally opened them he quickly said, “patap-patap” and smiled ever so sweetly.  Instead of scolding him I just laughed because it was too cute! hahai..

I don’t really know the rules of parenting yet..being young & a first time mom, I find myself clueless sometimes. I don’t know when’s the right time to start scolding the kids, are they even too young or there’s no such thing as “right time”. I don’t really know, enlighten me please!

I was spanked when I was a kid and it was a bit traumatizing. But I’m ok…I’m not damaged or anything. The thing is, I always knew that I was spanked for a reason. Meaning, I was big enough to know it was my own fault I got punished.

I really don’t want to spank the baby boy! If we can, I would want to spare the rod. But if not, then I would make sure to do it and explain later on why we had to. But not now..he’s way to young at 17 months~right?! I just pray for more patience with this boy..goodness me, before I wanted 3 kids, now its down to 2..If this keeps up, I’ll have an only son. hahaha


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  1. January 11, 2008 5:43 pm

    what a naughty little boy you have there! naku vannie, manu throws fits na din and sometimes i really am at a loss. let’s exchange notes on disciplining our boys, shall we?

    anyway, i’ll write a post on my little boy’s tantrums. na-inspire ako sa post mo 🙂

  2. January 12, 2008 8:54 am

    hi kelly!
    oo nga let’s do that. kse sometimes..i just let him be nalang cuz di ko na alam ano gagawin! hmpf.

    cge i will wait for ur post!


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