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March 6, 2008
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Questions : As a friend, do you have the right to get jealous when a friend is too busy with his/her boyfriend/girlfriend?

Answer : I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking.

I’ve found out recently, I am a jealous friend. Although I am pro-relationships, happiness or whatever for my friends, I expect them to be open about it; I expect to still see that friend on gatherings. Am I being selfish???

Is that too much to ask? Why can’t he/she bring his/her partner to the gathering so that we’ll get to know that person more.


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  1. March 7, 2008 7:50 am

    i guess you just have to let your friend go, at least for a while. i’m sure she’ll come back to you (and the rest of your friends) in good time. 🙂

  2. March 7, 2008 7:59 am

    hi mee! i guess ur ryt..maybe im being silly lang! thanks..

  3. March 10, 2008 10:18 pm

    hi sis, i just snatch some time on the pc room here to tell you thatt you’ve been tagged here..i’ll visit you again when i come back home from my vacation.

    have a nice day!

  4. March 12, 2008 1:56 am

    naku ako rin jealous type, siguro nga silly din ako hehe. by the way i’m tagging you…

    take care 😉

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