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Questions of the Week 11

March 25, 2008

Yen’s weekly questions is here! Thanks girl, I love answering this to relax my frazzled brain.

1. What was the last movie you bought/rented?

Bought…A CD for the boy in nursery rhymes and stuff.

2. Have you ever gone too far on a dare? i am a wimp when it comes to dares.

3. Can you sing the alphabet backwards?


4. Are you allergic to anything? What?

i used to be allergic to chicken,dust&chocolates; i’d get a real bad case of hives ~ now, not anymore (thank god).

5. Do you cry at weddings?

actually no. but during my wedding,surprisingly,i teared up. ahaha

6. Name one person you want to hug right now. Why?

my son, i just miss his cute little laugh

7. Hair….natural or colored?

it’s colored,and it’s due for treatment anytime soon.

8. Do you like camping?

yes, it’s ok. but i don’t get to camp here, no campsites(ang2 naman sad adto ko fuente dba?!.

9. Most annoying TV commercial?

forgot for what; basta it’s a commercial where the lady kept on screaming! grrr.

10. Favorite place to shop?


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