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A Survey.

June 17, 2008

1. Has anyone ever told you that they want to spend the rest of their life with you?
Uh-huh. The deal was made, his fate is sealed. He’s stuck with me. Haha. Love you Chi.

2. Would you change anything about yourself if you could?
Yes, I would want to be TALLER. Are you listening Lord? Is 25 not too late to start sleeping more? hehe

3. Do you get along with girls?
In general, yes. But I get along better with gays!

4. Do you think people have any misconceptions about you?
I believe so. I look ‘maarte’ and snobby but the truth is I am the most down to earth person you’ll know.

5. What did you do yesterday?
Yesterday? Work, Mommy Duties, Bloghop, Update Blogs and I got nominated for FILIPINO OF THE WEEK 113 HERE. Please DO vote; currently I am in the 2nd place 19 votes BUT the #1 spot has 101 votes..Wah!!!! Thanks.

6. Who was your last call from?
I can’t recall.

7. Does anyone like you?
I hope. For sure my family & friends does.

8. Were you smiling when you woke up

9. Last song you heard?
Apologize by Timbaland. I’m testing my new IPOD Nano.

10. Do you tell your best friend EVERYTHING?
Before yes. We used to talk for hours, now…not anymore. No time.

11. Do you have any plans for tomorrow?
None. Tomorrow is Wednesday, work day 😦

12. Last time you were disappointed?
Sunday Night. I wanted to watch MONK but I fell asleep. Haha.

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