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QOTW 20: You Bet I’m Not!

June 19, 2008

Wednesday QOTW brought to us by the ever friendly & uber traveler Yen!


1.If you could hire one of the following, which would it be? A Driver, Chef, Maid, Stylist?
Maid. I can be my own stylist, driver that would be hubby & cook? eh. I can live without eating. bwahahaha there’s takeout everywhere,but reliable help is hard to come by.

2. Any fun vacations, travels, cruise planned this summer?
Summer is over. BUT this year we plan to go to Singapore.

3.Have you attended high school reunion yet? How was it?
Nope, maybe in 2010 that would be my 10 year HS reunion. I bet it would be noisy, crazy but fun.

4. When flying, do you prefer the window seat, middle seat, or aisle seat?
When I was younger I preferred the window seat;but now that I’m older & my bladder is crazy I prefer to sit where I can be near the CR, aisle seat please.

5. What is your favorite number? Why?
3 popped in my head when you asked, but I like #8.

6. Do you sing in the shower? If so, are you any good?
I sing. I dance. Am I good? You bet I’m not!

7. If you could adopt one little boy/girl, what country would he be from?
Philippines. There are a lot of kids here that need love & support.

8. Do you have any fears, phobias, or concerns about doctors?
Nope, not really. But after the “cebu canister” scandal I question their conduct inside OR’s.

9. What talent do you wish you have?
Singing. I’d love to enter contests like American Idol or Philippine Idol.

10. Would you rather be a mute, blind, or deaf? Why?
Man, this Q is hard Yen! Uhmmm none of the above?! ahahaha

Join the fun HERE.

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