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Monday’s Checklist

July 21, 2008

From Aggie!!

Let us all start the week right by listing all our goals and to-dos for the week, come on in and join the fun!

My To-Do:

1. Make a machine down order for DOLE.
2. Call the Norwegian Consulate for J’s Passport.
3. Finish pending tasks from SR.
4. Finish tweaking my other blog, Ozzy’s Mom.
5. Organize Ozzy’s clothes and toys (segregate what to give, keep and throw)

What’s yours? Put your blog/s on this entry and spread the organizing tip around 🙂
Mommy Talks | Aggie Shoots. Aggie Scraps | All Kinds of Me Stuff | The Salad Caper | Winding Creek Circle | Fun.Fierce.Fab | Ozzy’s Mom | Me,Myself+2 |Add yours!

What do you need to DO? Abie, Arlene, Eds, Jane & Jody

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