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September 4, 2008

Someone’s been naughty. Maybe Santa will skip our house this Christmas. I love my little boy to pieces but sometimes he drives me crazy. Is this why they call it the “terrible two’s?

1. When we go out to the mall he would not want to be carried. Nor would he allow us to hold is hand. He would prefer to walk on his own. This would have been nice if he won’t run off at any given time but he does and can you even imagine me (in a dress) running after him??? Not.A.Pretty.Sight.

2. When eating out, I always prefer restaurants with proper high chair, if not then – chaos.


3. He loves wearing big people’s shoes. He especially likes those with heels!

4. He would also bite his nails….haii.

5. He’s current addiction is watching Barney videos. I have trouble making him stop.

After 30 minutes…
…he’s still there.
6. Lately, he would go up the stairs and sits midway going up and when he’s sure he’s got our attention he would try to jump!!! que horror! Every parents nightmare.
When Ozzy is being naughty/tantrum-y what I do is change the topic, talk about something else, get his mind of what made him cry, go somewhere else or sing a song. These things usually calms him and in a few minutes he’s smiling again.
But what if he’s really naughty? What do I do to punish him? Usually, I would just talk to him and explain why we are scolding him. He usually refuses to listen (no surprise there) he would look away and try not to catch my eye. But after cooling off he would saw “owi” and hug me! So angry mommy turns to jello!…tsk tsk..
Not a very strict disciplinarian am I? Yeah. Guilty as charged.
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