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September 25, 2008

A friend whose very much an Industrial Engineer is branching out to a more interesting(?) hobby. I remember when I first Diane, it was in our freshman year ~ she was one heck of a voluptuous lady. Her dad was the Chairman of the Fine Arts Department, suffice to day he was an Artist in every way. Her – on the other hand was a self-confessed non-artist.

Fast-forward 8-years later here she is pursuing a career in layout and graphic design. She said she can do:

Picture enhancement:

  1. even out pores
  2. remove warts and pimple
  3. change hair color

Picture Layout

  1. photo album layout/collage
  2. invitations

:::Sample Invitations!:::




:::Sample Layouts!:::




and my personal favorite!


You can contact Diane thru her YM Address : or leave a comment here. She charges so little you would think its free! She doesn’t do printing though just layouts. Interested to avail of her services?

Contact her now. xoxo.

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