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Friday Fill-Ins#94

October 17, 2008

1. Follow the yellow brick road.
2. A Camera is something I always take with me on vacation.
3. To achieve your goals, you must work hard for it.
4. My candidness is something I’d like you to know about me.
5. I have a sick feeling that I forgot something.
6. Hope floats.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to reading the Partial draft of Midnight Sun, tomorrow my plans include school with Oz and Sunday, I want to SHOP!

Join Friday Fill-Ins here. Happy weekend! xoxo


Project Runway Philippines Episode 11

October 16, 2008

The episode where the 3 top finalists will be chosen! Watch it here.

ProRun PhilS01Ep11 Part 1 of 5
ProRun PhilS01Ep11 Part 2 of 5
ProRun PhilS01Ep11 Part 3 of 5
ProRun PhilS01Ep11 Part 4 of 5
ProRun PhilS01Ep11 Part 5 of 5

…and you’ll never guess their special guest – Mrs. Imelda Marcos herself! wow.

P.S. We don’t have access for the live telecast for the show and I am guessing the Winner was declared last night? If you know – please be a doll and don’t tell me okay?:P


Booze & Burger

October 13, 2008

I may not give the best advise, or I may not empathize with my friends’ current situation – but what I do know is I can be his friend when he needs me. I can be the ears that are willing to listen to his crazy stories and “questions” when nobody else will. I am the one who will keep on assuring you when insecurities creep in.

That’s what best friends are for. (with the help of booze and food of course)

So J, when you wake up and realize that person’s not good enough for you; I will be here. For now that your still very much blinded – I will let you borrow my lovely fabulous fabulous CK shades.


My Color for Today : Yellow

October 10, 2008

You Are Having a Yellow Day

Today is a pretty great day for you. How could it not be with your optimistic attitude?

You are very inspired right now, and your creativity is at its peak.

While you are on top of the world today, be careful. You may be more fragile than you think.

As long as you don’t let yourself get too worked up or over-stimulated, you’ll be fine.

What Color Day Are You Having?

MQW #9 :Treasured Wedding Gifts

October 9, 2008

From Nice of Momma Stuff {START COPY}

The Rules:

The aim of these questions is to share opinions and experiences among moms (or dads) in the blogosphere.

Each week a new question will be posted and I’m inviting mom and dads to answer and share their thoughts about it.

If you are participating, leave your links in the comments section.
Link back momma stuff inviting other parents to join the fun.
Try to visit the other participants…you will love their answers, that’s for sure.

This week’s question is : Among the gifts that you received on your wedding day, name 5 that you and your spouse treasured the most and why?


Here’s my list!

  1. Cash – Gone are the days when cash gifts are a taboo in weddings. It is very practically especially to a couple who does not have their wedding registered in any mall. We actually have not touched the money yet its in the bank until we can can afford to build our own house.
  2. Gift Voucher – This was what we used to buy basic stuff for us and mostly for Joshua.
  3. Silver Utensil – Even though we never used it yet, I love it becasue its so pretty.
  4. Rice Cooker – I think we received 5? Heehee. We had to sell the others and saved the money we got from it. Its a practical gift though (for me specially) – I don’t know how to cook even as simple as rice.
  5. Water Dispenser – Very helpful especially when preparing Joshua’s milk. We don’t need to use a kettle and boil the water.

Billboard Model

October 6, 2008

My son’s a billboard model in Time’s Square.


Well, I wish. Do lots of things with your picture in Photofunia. Go ahead and give it a try!

Win $200 Plus Worth of Prizes

October 3, 2008

Yen of {Me and Mine} is having a contest!!!

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Enjoy and Let’s have some fun!