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Welcome back.

June 11, 2015
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I guess.

Wow. I haven’t been in this site for such a long time.

How many years has it been? It doesn’t feel that long, but years have gone by already. What has changed? Well for one, I am already located across the globe from my hometown, Cebu. Now I live in Stavanger, Norway with my husband and 2 sons.

I promise to update this blog again.

Bingo is Fun for Everyone.

December 16, 2011



While the world is busy out Christmas shopping (if the heavy traffic isn’t the indication maybe the drazled look on the mothers are) – I am busy playing online bingo for the extra cash needed to get the shopping done! My Christmas list is getting longer every year! Can you relate?

Some online games are what I need to de-stress.

When I was young I would go to the neighborhood social hall and play bingo in the hopes of winning the prized rice-cooker, I never thought that in 10 or 15 years I can do it in the comforts of my own home. I can actually play it anytime, anywhere with no hassle or stress!  Don’t you just love technology?

What’s not to love?

 Playing online bingo at is fun and easy. Plus it has its advantages. Let me count the ways.


  • First of all – extra cash. Need I really explain some more? The extra money you will win
     can be a great bonus to you for that much needed Christmas Shopping for the whole family.
  • Second – It is a very simple way to have fun for free
  • Thirdly – It is convenient. You can play anytime of the time without the hassle of ever going out of the comforts of your home.
  • And lastly, you can get to meet players from all over the world; everyone can join from your retired grandfather to your bored housewife.

This Christmas, we will revert to the classis bingo – yes by shaking that bottle and drawing out those little circular numbers. I figured since the family is gathered together it might be a good idea to play some bingo! So, when we go back to our respective Cities and lives I’ll just remind them that they can still continue the fun of playing through online bingo. 

Why do people care so muc…

December 1, 2011

Why do people care so much about KC and Piolo? If Piolo wants to stay inside the closet – let him be. I mean, who wouldn’t? After all it’s full of clothes, fabulous fabulous clothes! ;))


December 1, 2011

…when do you know when it’s real and when you’re just making it seem real?

Sometimes, I am having these doubts – am I really contented? happy? Is my life on track? Do I even know where I want to go?

Making big decisions which involves not only my life but my children as well is so difficult. However, I do want to take a chance and try out a life different (not to mention near the Husband). Maybe 2012 is the year for us to make the change.

The reality of it is, were growing up. Part of that means moving on – and if that means going far far away from the home I used to know them so be it.

On Hiatus

December 5, 2008

…as much as I love this blog, and the fact that this one is my very first one, I would just have to be on posting hiatus for this blog.

There’s so much in my plate right now, juggling ehem 5 blogs is just plain crazy at the moment. So, if you happen to drop by here and find no new posts..

feel free to click on these links:

For now, gotta say ciao, TTYL.

Milet’s BDJ Planner 2009 Giveaway

November 24, 2008

Just wanted to make sure (uhmm make the chances higher pala) of winning:

Milette’s having a contest!!! (again!) and I can’t complain because she’s giving away not 1 but 2 Belle de Jour Planner!!!!!!!! Drool. Drool. I was planning to get one but if I win, then I don’t have to anymore, right?

So I’m crossing my fingers here and wishing my lucky streak hasn’t worn off yet.


How to join? Read on!

Milette will be giving away two BDJ PLANNER to two lucky blogger who would blog about this contest (please put in a link to this blog in your entry) and then in your entry please answer this question.This contest is open to all. I’ll be shipping it via AIR21. If the winner is residing outside the Philippines, I’ll send the planner either via FEDEX or postal mail (if sending via FEDEX would cost me a fortune). One blog = one entry.P. S. After blogging about the contest please leave me a comment with a link to your entry please also include where the planner will be shipped in your comment. Note : I’m changing the question. For those of you who have commented before I implemented the change, no need to edit your entries. They are fine by me.

Anyway here is the new question. What are the names (please include the url) of my four blogs? Easy right? In fact you can see the answer on the left sidebar.

Winners will be announced on November 30, 2008. Goodluck!

My answer??? EASY! They cheating please…

  • Milette’s Blogs
  • Hope I win. teehee xoxo

    Viral Linking

    October 21, 2008

    Infected by Mitch of Etc-Atbp! Heehee Thanks dear.

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    4. The use of NO FOLLOW on links is not allowed, Let’s all be fair!
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    6. Spread the virus.. oooopps I mean the VIRAL LINKING and happy blogging!

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    You are infected errr tagged : Dez, Eds, Kathycot, Maileen, Vina and Yen

    Friday Fill-Ins#94

    October 17, 2008

    1. Follow the yellow brick road.
    2. A Camera is something I always take with me on vacation.
    3. To achieve your goals, you must work hard for it.
    4. My candidness is something I’d like you to know about me.
    5. I have a sick feeling that I forgot something.
    6. Hope floats.
    7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to reading the Partial draft of Midnight Sun, tomorrow my plans include school with Oz and Sunday, I want to SHOP!

    Join Friday Fill-Ins here. Happy weekend! xoxo

    Project Runway Philippines Episode 11

    October 16, 2008

    The episode where the 3 top finalists will be chosen! Watch it here.

    ProRun PhilS01Ep11 Part 1 of 5
    ProRun PhilS01Ep11 Part 2 of 5
    ProRun PhilS01Ep11 Part 3 of 5
    ProRun PhilS01Ep11 Part 4 of 5
    ProRun PhilS01Ep11 Part 5 of 5

    …and you’ll never guess their special guest – Mrs. Imelda Marcos herself! wow.

    P.S. We don’t have access for the live telecast for the show and I am guessing the Winner was declared last night? If you know – please be a doll and don’t tell me okay?:P


    Booze & Burger

    October 13, 2008

    I may not give the best advise, or I may not empathize with my friends’ current situation – but what I do know is I can be his friend when he needs me. I can be the ears that are willing to listen to his crazy stories and “questions” when nobody else will. I am the one who will keep on assuring you when insecurities creep in.

    That’s what best friends are for. (with the help of booze and food of course)

    So J, when you wake up and realize that person’s not good enough for you; I will be here. For now that your still very much blinded – I will let you borrow my lovely fabulous fabulous CK shades.